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G-Patrol Enterprise – Your Efficient IT Solution

$13.90 for each computer, with minimum of only 10 computers.

You’ll have a discount when purchasing more than 50.
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G-Patrol Enterprise


G-Patrol Enterprise – Your Efficient IT Solution

Most managers will say 

At my organization most people shutdown their computers, screens, lights and everything else…

The truth is they probably just don’t know.
G-Patrol Provides a suite of products intended to provide you with the tools to know more about the power consumption at your organization and act accordingly, instantly wasting the minimum needed to keep your organization at full capacity.

G-Patrol is a Suite of products that:

  • Quantifies PC energy consumption and savings
  • Provides network-level control over PC power settings
  • Safely puts PCs in non-power states when not in use

  • Reduces company operating costs more than 50% of the overall uses.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission by eliminating PC energy waste

  • Provides verifiable ROI through integrated measurement and reporting


G-Patrol provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to quantify your savings. Accurate PC network consumption measurement and reporting is critical since organization rely upon this information to make decisions and demonstrate energy consumption, cost savings and environmental alignment to global issues.



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10 clients (13.90$/each), 50 (12.90$/each), 250 (11.90$/each), 1000 (10.90$/each), 5000 (9.90$/each)